Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fair Weather Veggie

Once again I am inspired by someone else's post (see generally plagiarism). This time it is my favorite Mlle's musings on being veggie.

After a similar internal debate, I have come to take the following logically untenable position; I don't eat animals with big brown eyes and fur Mammals. It is based on a loose set of events and thoughts.

First, it was an article about how cows were treated that initiated the whole thing for me a couple of years ago.

Second, I am too busy to be veggie or vegan and I like going out to eat. When I cook for myself, I usually keep it veggie, but I don't want to make choosing a restaurant a chore for others. I dated a veggie a while back, and travelling around Europe with her was rough. I don't have time to be really strict. I go to the gym quite a bit, I need protein, and I don't have time to count my beans and rice.

Third, as a practical matter, it's just easier to avoid some meet than all meat.

Fourth, I like chicken.

But I do have two escape clauses.

1) Travel. You can't go to Spain and not eat pork. Many specialties of foreign countries involve mammals, and life is too short not to try time-tested cuisine when travelling.

2) Being a good guest. It's happened a couple of times where people cook mammals for me. If they ask me in advance, I'll say no mammals, but I'm not going to refuse a meal that someone else has prepared for me just because it has meat in it. Life is too short to annoy friends.

Now I now it doesn't really hold together, and I'm not going to get into a moral debate with anyone about whether a turkey's life is worth less than a pig's. This is just how things have settled for me, and it seems to work. It's my way of splitting
the baby the moo cow.

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Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

I am the only Mlle you know, lol ;)