Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is why

Me: In the practice guide, it says I should contact opposing counsel if I intend to file a motion to shorten time. Should I call them up?
Partner 1: Oh, don't bother. They'll just dick you around.

Several days later...

Partner 2: Hey did you contact opposing counsel about that motion to shorten time?
Me: Um, actually no, bec....
Partner 2: Well you should always do that. That should be standard practice. You're probably going to be getting a bunch of angry phone calls.
Me: Ok, I will. I did ask th...
Partner 2: I'll take the heat this time, but make sure you always contact them.
Me: <<sigh>>. Ok. Sure thing.

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Nomadas-Tribe said...

temptado? tell me ...

I do it yah, now i´m in collages-thing, lol

Cold arrives to Spain and I need to do something :)

Nice to talk to you as always boy!