Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I am not a partisan person. I am a democrat and generally vote democratic, but I tend to go by issue or by candidate. I am extremely liberal on social issues, but tend to be a bit more conservative (and by that I mean liberal) on economic issues; a libertarian in denial perhaps, if it were not for my occasional anti-establishment socialist outbursts.

For the first time ever, I voted a straight democratic ticket. And as I watch the results come in on CNN (actually I watched it on fox news, just to watch the facial expressions) I could not be happier.

My reasoning was thus: the retardicon party has drifted away from the few things I found attractive about them (free-trade, small government) and has moved to embrace many of the things I despise (unilateral and arrogant foreign policy, rolling back of civil liberties, nepotism, etc.). Most of all, it was the hypocrisy (party of "morality," but then everyone passes the buck with Foley) and the meaningless rhetoric they used to back up their ideological policies forged in denial, with their "cut and run" and "stay the course" and all that other bullshit. Oh and the torture thing. Oh and the complete disregard for process, whether it was creating special federal court jurisdiction for Terry Shiavo, creating secret CIA prisons, suspending habeas corpus for detainees at Gitmo, or tapping domestic communications without ANY regard for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. While most of this had genesis in the White House, the party of small government just went along with it, while turning a $236 billion surplus into a deficit of the same amount and increasing earmarks by 10 fold.

So anyone who continues to associate themselves voluntarily with this horrible, greedy, sleazy, war-mongering, vapid party no longer deserves to be elected.

So I am ecstatic that the Dems have taken the House, and if they don't end up taking the Senate, at least there will have to be some damn compromise. Which I think is in every one's interest after the shenanigans of the past 6 years.

What do you think Bush is going to say tomorrow?

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