Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bitch (that's what I do)

Based on this rant from first year, I was inspired to have my own today.

Dear Ms. Partner:

When I go out of my way (I volunteered for f's sake) to pick up the slack for one associate who is gone playing GOLF on company time, and another one who has other things to do (like I don't) and you call me to tell me that I sent the extra work I did to the wrong person (because we had a new person hired last week and his role is still vague to all of us), could you at least say, "hey thanks for stepping up" or "thanks for getting that done on such short notice" or really anything positive? Otherwise next time, I'm going to ignore the email like everyone else does around here. That would be great...thanks....

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First Year said...

I love it :)