Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mama Se Mama Sa Mama Coo Sa

Yay, though his career peaked many moons ago and some fairly well-substantiated rumors of pedophilia have taken the luster off of the inscriptions surrounding his likeness as a demi-god in the hallowed halls of our collective pop-consiousness, he will forever be the sounds of my childhood. His name and music will never fail to conjure images of poorly imitated walks on the moon, or one-gloved grabs of the loin.

Though some will not smile when others speak of you, and they might ask "how has he affected us?," they will never be able to question how deeply. Rest in Peace MJ. I will remember you as a P.Y.T., deserving of our T.L.C.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is hilarious

This is also two blocks away. I want to go see him in

Fotos de Argentina (y algunas de Uruguay)

Here are a few snapshots from my trip. Enjoy!

I ate a few things that looked like this:

Cemeterio de recoleta:

Velez v. Boca:

Cataratas de Iguazu:

Magritte-esque clouds outside of Almacen del Sur.

The son of the winegrower, working the new oil press:

Small town in the Andes:

Punta del Inca:

Different punta, supposedly crossed by San Martin on his way to liberate Chile:

Colonia, Uruguay:

Calle de los suspiros: