Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarko a l’Elysée

Well, he took it, with 85% voter turnout (could you imagine that here? Last presidential election here it was 57%. Wow). And so far, not so bad:

Ils se sont soldés par 730 voitures incendiées, 78 policiers et gendarmes blessés et 592 arrestations, selon un bilan de la Direction générale de la police nationale (DGPN).
It could've been worse. Well, this other article makes it sound worse:
Police fired teargas grenades into a group of several hundred masked demonstrators who threw rocks and other missiles at them, at the Place Bastille in Paris, where about 5,000 anti-Sarkozy protesters had gathered. There were also reports that police clashed with 2,500 protesters in Toulouse; 2,000 demonstrators in Lyon; and several hundred protesters in the towns of Rennes, Nates and Brest.
What actually happened?

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