Friday, May 04, 2007

Restez a l'écoute

On May 6 the French will pick their new president. It has become a classic left-right battle. I am somewhat torn between "Sarko" v. "Ségo" myself. I think France does need some structural reform, but I don't think the French will put up with much from Sarko because he is already seen as being too "anglo." I mean look what happened to Dominique de Villepin with the contrat première embauche. In case you missed it last year, this is what happened.

With Ségolène, one risks the status quo, but I think she might be able to push some mild market-based reforms through with her general support from the left. I also don't think that France needs to become Anglo to succeed. Is the unemployment rate to high? Yes, but I don't think they need to completely dismantle their state-run programs. Their hospitals and schools are first-rate. I kind of want France to stay, at least mostly, France. But it's not up to me, now is it.

On another note, the neuf-trois is getting ready, because if Sarko is elected, the banlieus of Paris might start to burn again. Soyez sages et prudents mes amis!!

Photo from The Economist.

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