Thursday, May 17, 2007

I hope this is on itunes soon

I don't follow American Idol. I don't know if that means I want the terrorists to win, or if I'm just afraid of commitment. Just can't care.

But Europe has an interesting version of this same idea, called the Eurovision Song Contest. It's like American Idol, except each country gets to send one group. The only problem is that when people don't like the results in Eurovision, international relations in Europe are chilled for a good couple of days.

And they are all generally really bad. I mean, like painful to watch. Now, before I get any hate comments from my European readers (ha ha, right), this isn't about Europe. It's about these horrible contests. They just don't produce anything musically interesting.

But this year, it did produce something incredibly entertaining to me. Behold the second-place finisher, Ukraine and its Verka SERDUCHKA - Dancing Lasha Tumbai.

Warning: Memorizing in a tranny car wreck kind of way.

So Verka, if it's any consolation, you were totally robbed. I don't understand how this could NOT win. Especially when compared with some of the other "music." Like the Turkish Justin Timberlake:

or this group from France:

Oh god, what was that? But it's so much better than this snooze fest that won, though I do find the naughty professional eastern european lipstick lesbian look to be very interesting.


angela said...

That is AMAZING. It's like the Olympics of karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, hell, they're hott! Especially the Jennifer Beales/Bette Porter look-alike in the back on the far right!