Monday, September 11, 2006

That wasn't so bad....

In fact, my high school reunion was rather fun. I don't think I want to stay in touch with any more of the people than I already do, but it was nice to have everyone in the same place at the same time. There was only a few inappropriate ass grabs, but I think it was from a girl who thought I was gay anyway.

This is a picture of a dear chillin in my mom's front yard. Did I mention that my home town is a bit..uh, in BFE?

This was a happy accident. A friend couldn't figure out how my camera worked. This is actually me and my friends from high school. A guy who was one of my better friends in high school showed up who I hadn't seen since graduation. He was Mormon, but had no problem mixing drinks for the rest of us at our parties. Good guy to have around. He's doing well, but it was good to hear that he had fallen off the wagon for a while...after the mission...and going to BYU. I'm the one rockin' the H&M blazer.

This is a good example of what a bar in this town looks like. Snowboarders and random drunks all in a bar with a vague pan-island theme. White people get bored in the mountains.

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