Monday, September 18, 2006

I still can't figure it out first year....

I can't comment on your page. It's impossible. I loved your experience with freecycle though...

I can't believe the twit who was trying to guilt you into giving him/her the new one! It's FREE for f's sake! The nerve! If they have enough time to guilt other people, maybe they should work on getting a better paying job.

Oh my god...I just channeled my father. I am so sorry.

If freecycle is at all like craigslist, there are nutjobs aplenty! Good for you for trying to give stuff away.

P.S. If you have a spare HD TV, my church needs one :)

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First Year said...

Well... I DO have a 62 inch plasma (yea I wish) that we were going to use to replace my old 32 inch. Perhaps if you really need it for your next door neighbor so she's not bored during the day because she had no job I could gift it :)

As for the commenting on Blogger, its tricky at best. What I have to do to make it work is to click "preview" first, then click the publish in the preview window. But then again I have probably jinxed myself :) Maybe it has something to do with our firewalls? Oh well, blogger is an elusive animal. :)