Monday, September 25, 2006

Epilogue to My Mugging

So yeah. I was walking home around 11:30pm on Friday. About two blocks from home, a guy who was walking in front of me spun around and pulled a gun on me.

I hesitated, and looked around, but no one else was in sight. Seeing my hesitation, he waved the gun in my face and said "this ain't no game." I gave him my bag, which had my wallet and ipod in it. He took my phone but let me keep my keys (thank god). He ran off and I flagged down a pickup that was coming. The guys inside let me call 911. About 15 seconds later a cop drove around the corner (coincidentally I think). I didn't see where he went, but based on what the guys in the pickup said (as far as I can remember), I think he might have gotten into a waiting car and took off. The police swarmed the area, but no luck.

I was impressed with the police response that night, but the follow up has been pretty poor. I was told to call the robbery department today (Monday). I called at 9:30, but the lady said they hadn't processed any of the reports yet. I called back a few hours later, and she asked me "what information do you want?" I told her that the officer who took my statement said to follow up. She said "well we haven't arrested anyone yet, so we don't have anything new."

Most of my day at work was spent figuring out how to get a new phone, making an appointment at the DMV, etc. I'm still a little frazzled, but mostly just irritated. Irritated that I have to get a new ID, new membership card to my gym, etc. I guess that's petty, I mean at least I didn't get shot.

I think I'm just kind of frustrated with humanity; that people do this, and that you can work hard, pay rent and do everything right but then in a split second, someone can take everything from you.

My girlfriend got held up about 6 months ago in a different part of the city. Those guys were never caught. We both live in pretty nice areas. In my girlfriend's old neighborhood they called a town hall meeting because there were several people who were robbed, and a few burglaries where the people were home. I think SF is getting more dangerous. I think she's safer in Brooklyn. Seriously.

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Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

Brooklyn is getting safer and safer every year. This has alot to go with the municpal gov buying out landfills (yes) and old buildings and building new apartments in Brooklyn. As a result you get an influx of manhattaners (and more white people) making the are more diverse, raising the value of the adjoining properties (due to new apt) and maintanance (manhatters' demands)
Still, you have to wonder about the people who lived in the apts before and those who live in the adjoining...raised value: raised taxes.