Thursday, September 21, 2006

And another thing

Ahmadinejad also stated this

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of the IAEA and is committed to the NPT. All our nuclear activities are transparent, peaceful and under the watchful eyes of IAEA inspectors. Why then are there objections to our legally recognized rights?

which I heard him reiterate on an interview with Anderson Cooper. That Iran is in full compliance with everything and that it is not fair to deprive Iran of nuclear energy. The latest report from the IAEA sates, however,

27. Iran has been providing the Agency with access to nuclear material and facilities, and has provided the required reports. Although Iran has provided the Agency with some information concerning product assays at PFEP, Iran continues to decline Agency access to certain operating records at PFEP.

28. Iran has not addressed the long outstanding verification issues or provided the necessary transparency to remove uncertainties associated with some of its activities. Iran has not suspended its enrichment related activities; nor has Iran acted in accordance with the provisions of the Additional Protocol.

That's NOT the same thing there Mahmoud.

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