Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Have a Nip/Tuck Problem

I don't know if it's the fact that I secretly admire Dr. Christian Troy, the fact that I resent myself for secretly admiring Dr. Christian Troy, or just the unpredictable insanity that attracts me, but this is the only show that has ever religiously commandeered my attention once a week.

It had me at "Tell me what you don't like about yourself." No...rather, it had me at the first show of the first season, when Christian bangs the girl who waters the plants (and they basically show it) and they play a Bebel Gilberto song, Sem Contenção, a personal favorite. The Gotan Project also seems to be a regular feature on the show now too, which I enjoy independently, but I think goes great with the show.

I love it for the girls that turn out to be boys, and the girls who are obviously boys who teach us a little something about ourselves, boy or girl (Insert Blur song here).

I love watching Christian be Christian, periodically displaying a conscience. I like watching Sean be a hypocrite. I love how Matt has so many fucking issues (Why is it always the rich kids that are messed up in the head?). And poor, poor Annie, who always seems to get punished for seeming well-adjusted.

Last night they played a song by Nouvelle Vague, another one of my favorites. Maybe it just makes me feel cool that I recognize the music and it thus reaffirms the relevance of my own existence. Hmmmm....what would Brooke Shields say about that?

Or perhaps I should ask myself, "WWXD?"

That's right, "What Would Xenu Do?" as they are now dealing with Scientology. Could it get any battier? I mean better?


First Year said...

I have never seen Nip/Tuck (I know I know, I am living in a cave, a very busy cave :).

But you've just prompted me to remember to DVR it so I can watch :)

the default attorney said...

First time is free. Seriously though, it's addictive. I'm just warning you.

Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

yup they round them up
even more annoying is the fact that Records opens at 9, the time the assignment is due.