Monday, March 26, 2007

Great Moments in US Diplomacy

In an interview today, a U.S. Military Commander openly questioned the conduct of the British Soldiers who were captured by Iran. Specifically, he was surprised that they did not open fire on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

He said "What's the matter, did your p*ssies hurt?"
Ok, no actually what he said was:
"Our boarding team's training is a little bit more towards self-preservation"

"Our reaction was, 'Why didn't your guys defend themselves?'"
But it's kind of the same thing. This reminds me of an analogous personal experience. Back in September, I was mugged at gunpoint. When I was relating this story to the fiance of a friend of mine, his reaction was "Have you ever thought about taking a self-defense class?"

I actually did take martial arts (well, in high school) and I don't know of a move that is 100% effective of disarming some cracked-out motherfucker who has a gun to your head. Losing a wallet is better than taking a slug in the cranium.

And to you Commander Ice Man Shoot First & Ask Questions McLater, maybe the brits didn't open fire because they didn't want to be the ones responsible for STARTING A F*CKING WAR!!! Just a thought asshole.

Article from The Australian

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