Tuesday, March 13, 2007

News Flash! Sororities Pick Girls Based on Looks, Bears Shit in Woods

Now I'm not saying it's right, but as someone who was actually a little bit involved with the greek system back in college (I needed somewhere to live when I came back from Europe, STOP JUDGING ME!!), come on...they ALL do this. I don't like exclusive clubs full-stop, but singling out one sorority for actually blatantly doing what all sororities and fraternities only somewhat blatantly do, isn't really fair. I know there is social pressure to be "the pretty house" so pointing the finger at these girls who were just operating within the system is only finding a scape goat/fall guy...kind of the Scooter Libby of the greek world. Honestly, I think we should just get rid of these things as the evil leftovers of a paternalistic and patriarchal culture that they are.
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Strange Bird said...

It seems a bit worse because they accepted these girls, and then kicked them out. It's one thing to only actively recruit and select pretty girls, but to then later kick out all the unattractive ones is excessively blatant. I can understand the response.

the default attorney said...

That's true SB. That adds a layer of nastiness to it. Apparently this was an "academic" sorority that wanted to change its image. Mission Accomplished!

Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

thanks for all the supportive comments Default