Monday, March 05, 2007

Why Do We Care What You Think? Part II

Ann Coulter. Much like Rush Limbaugh, I don't really understand why people listen to her. Although I do understand that she is a conservative republican's wet dream (pretty in that naughty 1950s housewife kind-of-way, articulate, and prejudiced), she is really nothing more than a pundit. I'm not a fan of pundits generally, but Ann Coulter really adds nothing. Other pundits at least might make you stop and think, but Ann is just angry and offensive.

Case in point, here she is commenting on John Edwards.

I'm sorry, was she just trying to call John Edwards a fag? And I don't think she means he's gay. She's using the word like an ignorant 19 year-old frat boy.

And here she is defending Mark Foley a while ago.
Notice that even Bill O'Reilly seems shocked at her stance. That should tell you something. I think this clip really evinces the fact that Coulter doesn't understand a lot of issues she discusses. She calls the democratic (although I remember everyone being really freaked out by this, not just democrats) outcry after the Foley scandal "gay bashing," and that being upset at the congressional conduct is "hypocritical." In the clip, notice how she refers to Foley as "a gay guy." If you remember though, it wasn't the fact that Foley may or may not be gay. It was that he was being a little too friendly with little boys. Being upset at that is not "gay bashing" Ann. It's being upset at the fact that a pedophile might be your representative in Congress. Truth is, I think if he had been sending little girls lascivious emails, this whole thing would have been even more scandalous.

Oh, and just in case you forgot about this, here are some clips of her from Keith Olbermann's show where she is defending the position in her book that the widows of 9/11 are publicity whores. Yes, women who lost their husbands on 9/11 should not be allowed to speak out because it is politicizing their loss. Yeah, and Rosa Parks should not have been allowed to comment about how she could not get a seat on the bus, because it might have politicized race, or maybe Korematsu should not have been allowed to challenge his detention because it might have politicized both race and the powers of the president. The widows should roll over, accept that the patriotic thing is to accept their deaths were for the benefit of everyone, have a funeral service with some potato salad, and then shut up.


Jonathan Trenn said...

The reason we care what Coulter thinks is because she strongly adds to the political discourse, just like that big fat idiot, Rush Limbaugh. She attacks anyone - the 9/11 widows for instance - to promote her books and ends up getting away with it while making money.

Making things less civil works.

the default attorney said...

I agree, she just says crazy shit to sell books. That's my point. She adds sound and fury, but no substance.

But, case in point I guess. Here I am giving her free publicity. To the five people who read this anyway.