Friday, February 20, 2009

A Return to Africa II

I was originally going to comment on the mortgage/foreclosure plan and the moral hazard it creates, but I just don't have the time or energy to get into it after a long week. Although as a renter who could not afford property in the Bay Area, I am a bit angry that others who bit off more than they could chew get to be bailed out. Why not bail me and my student loans out?

But that would be about me.

So instead, I just want to update my previous post on the situation in Somalia, which still does not garner any media attention. I can't understand why, considering that this is a lawless area full of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose the sharia and pirates who threaten international trade. I mean, what else needs to happen before we start paying attention?!?!

So a new leader has been selected, Sharif Sheik Ahmed, a moderate Islamist cleric, that was a compromise between the transition government and the Islamic opposition. Hopefully they will be able to bring some sort of central leadership the area.

Although it appears that more AU troops might be need to keep the peace in the mean time. Democratic Senator Russ Feingold seems to be the only U.S. politician aware of the situation, as he wrote Obama a letter dated February 13, urging the new US president to break with predecessor George W. Bush's approach. He actually seems to have several good ideas.

"The previous administration maintained a disjointed and short-sighted approach toward Somalia that was counterproductive and led to increased anti-Americanism in the region," the Wisconsin lawmaker charged.

"As a result, the situation in Somalia has deteriorated, undermining our national security goals, including counterterrorism," the senator, who visited Somalia in December and met with President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Full AFP Article. Image also from AFP.

Well-put, Russ.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I geared a lot of my undergrad studies to Africa, but somehow law school tends to keep me from spending the time on international news that I'd like.

And ditto on the bailout...they can come forgive my loans whenever they like :) At this point I'd take not having to pay all these new taxes in CA...that could be my bailout!

the default attorney said...

Oh lord I know. Sales tax and income tax. Things are rough in the "golden" state.

I did a concentration in int'l Law in law school (did jessup moot court too) but haven't ever used it. Shame really. I'd like to.

A said...

How bad are things now that we're talking about pirates! You would think that this would have been over since the 19th century.

As for the bailout... god. I understand that we're concerned about falling home prices, but weren't we talking two years ago about affordability (and not doing anything about it)? Does America just hate young people and aspiring first time home buyers?