Thursday, February 07, 2008

Indian Gaming Propositions: Results

Propositions 94-97 passed, with about 56% of voters in favor of the propositions. Interestingly, several northern california counties provided a good chunk of the "no" votes. San Francisco County, actually, voted "no" by about 60%. I wonder if the "no" ads were concentrated up here, or if this was because of some "nor cal" v. "so cal" divide, because all of the propositions dealt with tribes in southern california. Again, why I voted on indian gaming compacts dealing with tribes in Riverside County still seems strange to me.

I'm also embarrassed to admit that the first time I even heard of Proposition C here in San Francisco was when I read it on the ballot. Don't judge me! It just took me a damn long to figure out the indian gaming propositions. Turns out it was the most "San Francisco" voting moment since Gavin Newsom was running against a nudist, a vegan taxi cab driver, and a guy named Chicken John for mayor.

Anyway, it was a proposition to "explore" and "facilitate" the acquisition of Alcatraz by SF and its transformation into a "Global Peace Center." Here's what the proponents had to say about it according to this article on

According to their Web site,, the proponents' plans for the center will be based on the geometry of the hexagram. Elements include a harmonium, employing sound techniques to impart a "deep meditative, transpersonal and transcendent experience," a medicine wheel and a labyrinth.

Da Vid, director of the Global Peace Foundation, described Alcatraz as a "major power point" where "energy moves through the planet." The vision to turn it into a peace center came to him in 1978. "It was a flash," he explained, "and I wasn't on any drugs either." We asked him where the money would come from to raze the old prison and build a new center. He assured us, "Money will come." He suggested the Bechtel Corp. might want to "create some good karma for itself" by doing the prison demolition for free.

Although it was trounced with a 72% "no" vote, you've got to love it; you can almost smell the patchouli, can't you?

Although, this is not to discount claims that native americans should have control of the island, which I think is legitimate. My roommate went to the ceremony commemorating the 1969 native american occupation of the island back that takes place every year back in November.

Maybe they could make Alcatraz into a casino when they get it back from the feds?

You heard it here first people.

And yes, I voted for Obama.


Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

me for hillary. does this mean we cant be friends?

the default attorney said...


I hope we can still be friends. It was actually a tough choice for me, to be honest. I went to an Obama rally, and while he was a great speaker, a lot of the experience seemed very scripted and rehearsed, and a lot of the messages were just rhetoric. I'm sure most political rallies are like that though.

I finally decided to vote for Obama because he offers something new, and a lot of his ideas are well-thought out. And polls have shown that he would do better against the GOP.

I do think that Hillary has gotten a bad rap though. I don't think it's fair that because she's playing with the boys, people don't like her because she's not feminine, or whatever Anna Wintour said about her. When guys are hard asses they're "ambitious," when it's a woman, she's an "unlikeable bitch." And that is just sucky and a double standard.