Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dumb American

Reading the list of countries you forget is embarrassing.



Strange Bird said...

I forgot to list the country my dad was born in. Oops! (I also spelled all the African countries wrong at least once.)

the default attorney said...

I forgot Spain. How could I forget Spain?!?! I've spent time there. SO DUMB.

I thought it was interesting that you had to put in Ivory Coast and not "cote d'ivoire" even though that's the official name of the country, and Palestine worked too as a country.

Strange Bird said...

British Antarctic Territory. What the hell?

I actually got the Ivory Coast. It must be all that Where in the World is Carmen San Diego I played as a kid. I missed a few because I wasted time trying to spell Kazakhstan and French Guinnea correctly, and because I couldn't remember any country in the middle of Africa. Or most of the rest of the west coast.