Thursday, September 06, 2007

Go Bears!

I haven't been in college in 10 years for a short while, but when I went to the Cal v. Tennessee game last weekend, I had a near orgasmic experience. Beating a good SEC team after that loss last year and all of the smack over the summer. Ahhhh. Sweet sweet come uppins.

I don't know why they are calling this a blow out, because it wasn't. This game was anyone's until the fourth quarter. The Tennessee fans were good sports and fun to hang around with after the game, so cheers, and good luck guys! Tell you what, if you take care of LSU, maybe we can do something about the University of Spoiled Children. Deal?

DeSean Jackson is something else, and if Jahvid Best runs that well as a freshman. Good lord. He's going to be one to watch.

Now an unranked Oregon dismantled Michigan, UCLA beat BYU, and Washington finally ended Boise's win streak. Before I was arguing that the Pac-10 is a strong conference. Now I'm afraid that I was right. Cal and that other school down in Compton have their work cut out for them.

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