Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ooooh Ooooh That Smell!

So we've had a couple of hot days here in the city. I can't tell you how hot, because I can't seem to find past weather conditions on the web. Only forecasts. I heard someone today say it hit 90 degrees. Now I know all of you in the humid east coast or the blazing south west might scoff at this, but our little city is not prepared for that weather; No one has air conditioning and none of us are used to hiking up these damn hills when it's above 70.

Apparently neither are city officials.

Yesterday, as I was leaving my office, I noticed a distinct aroma of barnyard. In a very Proustian way, I was taken back to when I used to ride horses or go to the tri-county fair and look at pigs. I stopped, checked the bottoms of the souls of my shoes and kept walking. But the stench persisted.

"No one else seems to be noticing, god it must be me," I thought, as I sheepishly made my way to my gym. But as soon as I stepped into the gym, it was gone. Until I walked out of the gym, when I was once again bombarded with the stench of poo.

It can't be me, right? I casually brought it up with some friends. Nope wasn't me, they smelled it too, and had gone through the same ritual of checking the bottoms of their shoes on the way home.

I then found this Chronicle after searching for a bit. Turns out that the, ahem, sewage boxes that surround the city couldn't handle the heat and started stinking.

First, WE HAVE SEWAGE BOXES THAT SURROUND THE CITY?! What will happen when the big one hits? Did we build a shit moat to keep out republicans?

Second, Yuck. We only have a few nice hot and really sunny days here in the city, where you want to sit outside in the sun and have a nice glass of pinot grigio after work. Maybe it's just me, but there's something about the smell of feces that just ruins the mood.

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