Monday, August 27, 2007

Bedtime for Gonzo

This week in "It's about effing time," Attorney General Gonzales has resigned. I think it is fitting that two years since Katrina and the shameful discovery that Bush had appointed a friend with no experience as the head of FEMA, that we once again learn the price of nepotism and of appointing people based on loyalty.

While Gonzales has impressive credentials (unlike many other appointees and attempted appointees like Harriet Miers), his loyalty to this administration was dangerous to us all. The head of the Department of Justice must have the independence to question the legality of executive branch decisions, not rubber stamp and advocate them. Whether it was the questionable firings of some of the U.S. Attorneys, or the highly suspicious hospital visit to get Ashcroft's ok for the domestic surveillance program, Gonzales has been no friend to the office or the Constitution.

¡y adiós muy buenas!


Melissa said...

One reporter described it by saying Gonzales was a great attorney. He made his client's actions fit within the law. The problem was when he became Attorney General we needed him to became our attorney, but he never stopped being Bush's attorney.

My husband (who is Hispanic) just thinks it is sad. He says that now they'll never let another Mexican have the job.

the default attorney said...

I think that's an accurate way to describe it Melissa. Not even a semblance of independence from the white house.

Tell your husband not to worry. Look at Clarence Thomas :)