Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer in SF Will Last Approximately 3 days

No, this isn't about climate change. When people think of California, they don't usually think of cold-ass bitter wind in June. They think of boobs bouncing in slow-motion along the beach or the warm Silicon Valley, or sometimes a cross between the two. But the weather in SF is a little different. It's not perma-summer like down in LA. And for some reason the summer is actually one of our coldest seasons. Something to do with the heat of the valley, bringing in fog, something something something, blah blah blah.

But hey, guess what? According to the Chronicle, we're going to have a "75-Degree 'Heat Wave' in SF." That's how cold the summers are here people. Our Heat Waves aren't all that hot and get put in quotes.

I own a lot of fleece.

But, of course, not everyone is happy about this.

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