Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quelle Bonne Idée!

Yesterday, Paris began its Velib' program (velo + liberté = velib'). A program where eventually over 10,000 bicycles will be available to Parisians for their daily commute at 750 different points throughout the city. All it takes is a 150€ deposit, and, while the first half-hour is free, one also needs to sign some sort of rental agreement, depending on needs. The best deal seems to be the annual 29€ rental.

I don't know if that would work in SF, because of these.

photo courtesy of Dizzy Atmosphere on flicker

But what a great idea! Although not everyone's happy. The reaction of one bicylce store owner, was "not everone wants to ride a communist bike." («Tout le monde n'a pas envie de rouler sur un vélo communiste») (from la lib)

Article from La Liberation

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Emily! said...

Visitors can buy day and week passes right at the bike stations too!