Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Back in the Pokey

As opposed to getting poked in the back-y. You know, like her sex film? Nah, too much of a stretch, huh? Well all the good ones have already been taken in the nanosecond since this news was released.

While I have made my opinion clear in my previous posts, I do think it is unfair for the Sheriff to release Paris, only to have the Court haul her back in the next day and change her sentence. This seemed to be more of a dispute between the sheriff's department and the court/city attorney. They really didn't need to drag her into court again. Sorry Paris. But still not too sorry.


Photo from The Superficial

I really wish she would just stay put. Having so many freaking posts about Paris Hilton is really starting to freak me out.

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whichever.whatever said...

I wrote my post on Paris before I saw yours. I agree. I am over the whole Paris thing.

And yes, I got stuck in my comfy sweater. I suppose I'll have to venture out at some point this month. Just couldn't muster up the strength on Friday.