Thursday, August 31, 2006

While I am still jaded...

I decided to change the display name. Apparently "jaded j.d" was the name of a blog in Virginia. Much apologies, I never did google it, and just assumed that I was being creative. So I decided to now call myself "the default attorney."

This is not just totally random.

I feel that this is the role I play at my firm. This past week two of the other associates were on vacation. Another one was sick. And then there's this senior associate who doesn't really seem to have to do anything he doesn't want to do, and only works on one case. So when all hell breaks loose on a case, they come to me.

None of them were large projects, but several of them have been on-going for some time and I have no background knowledge what-so-ever. I don't like working when I completely lack any sort of big picture context. So inevitably I have to do some background into the case, find the template for the pleading, who are co-counsel is, who has to be served, etc. What would have taken the attorney who is normally assigned to the case an hour takes me three. And since they're coming to me in the first place, that means that it's always some sort of crisis, and the filing is time-sensitive. This makes me stressed.

So I am now the default attorney, because when no one else is around, they just give crap to me. Now I really sound like a jaded j.d.

P.S. I might also have to work this weekend. The fact that the partner did not get the irony of working on labor day is what pains me most.

P.P.S. Go Bears!

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