Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My girlfriend just moved to New York City

for grad school and I feel 1) sad that my favorite activity partner in crime is gone and yet 2) incredibly relieved. Her impending move had been hanging over us for the past month or so and led to many arguments ("you're not prioritize me enough") and just over all stress. I think I'm relieved to have some time to myself. As soon as she left, I went and took the placement exam at our local Alliance Francaise and I'm going to start up salsa classes again.

Now, does this demonstrate that I did not feel comfortable leading my own life and doing things that I wanted to do, which I think is a bad sign, or is it that I just have more free time now?

I will say this. She is joining me for a wedding up in Sonoma in September, and I said that I would come out to visit her in October. The French class I would take is only offered on Saturdays. When I told her that I would come and visit her when my French class was over in mid-October, she said something like "you don't want to come visit me sooner?" This irritated me.

Am I selfish?

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