Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An apology to Lebanon

Belated, but sincere.

I find the United States' unwillingness to seek an immediate cease-fire to be disgusting. Truly, unequivocally, disgusting. The justification given, needing to find a way to a "sustainable" ceasefire, lacked any sort of logic. Why does the search for a sustainable ceasefire necessitate the continuance of violence? And by violence I mean the death of Lebanese civilians. Was the United States hoping that Israel would eventually just destroy Hezbollah, and that this was worth the civilian death toll? Mission decidedly unaccomplished. While I in no way condone the military arm of Hezbollah, Israel's knee-jerk and incredibly disproportionate reaction to the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers was destructive and accomplished nothing. In the end, Hezbollah has emerged the relative winner of this war with no victor. As soon as the bombing stopped, Hezbollah was in the streets, assessing the damage and arranging funds and materials for those Lebanese who had lost their homes. What was that about winning hearts and minds?

Poor Lebanon. So lauded by the west when it had kicked out the Syrians and used by the U.S. as an example of a Middle-Eastern country on the righteous path. Yet we stood back and watched while Lebanon, with its new and fragile government, was pounded by Israeli attacks. See what you get for good behavior Lebanon? Nothing. You get American made bombs...dropped on you. What have we done? Created another reason to hate us, that's what.

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