Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now Katie's dad has a problem?

Apparently Katie's Dad, Martin, had no problem with her dating and getting engaged to Tom in his post-clinical insanity. Nor was he concerned for his daughter's career when she disappeared for several months post-engagement. How about the fact that his daughter, who was raised a strict catholic under his roof, is going to convert to scientology? I mean Tom says that she "digs" the new religion. It doesn't seem that his grand-daughter Suri will be baptized, but will rather be brought up as the progeny of Xenu. Not much of a rumble there.

But if his daughter loses her post-pregnancy too quickly? That's where Martin draws the line! Now I agree with martin, that Katie losing too much weight too quickly might not be healthy...especially with the help of an outfit called "Buff Brides," but doesn't this seem like a weird time suddenly and publicly to state his concern?

Oh Katie, you had such a career ahead of you. I know it seemed over after Dawson's Creek, but you were so pretty and so talented...and so pretty! I really hope this deal works out for you darling.

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