Monday, May 01, 2006

Donde esta la fiesta?

So I took my camera downtown with me today so that I could get some good images of the "day without an immigrant" protest/rally/ranchero musical fest, but unfortunately my work schedule didn't coincide. I found this one on SFGate, but I think it's from LA.

I actually would have liked to attend, but being a cracker (a.k.a. an immigrant several generations removed) I didn't feel that I could really ask to go, you know? I think it would be similar to asking for time off of work for Kwanza.

Anyway, while I don't support unfettered illegal immigration, I support the movement if for no other reason than to raise awareness at just how dependent the US economy is on illegal immigration.

After wandering around market street looking for some salsa or tejano magic and to show some gringo love for the movement, I only had time to drop into the closest take-out food place to grab lunch to eat at my desk: la salsa. Yes, I see the irony smart ass.

Nadie es illegal!

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