Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daily Candy Is Getting a Little Out of Control

Yes, I get Daily Candy emails. No, I rarely read them, though sometimes they will announce the soft opening of new restaurants and other interesting local events. Often, when I've looked at them they will be thinly veiled advertisments for local artists slinging "highly affordable" jewelry one $400 bracelet at a time. Given the economic enema colonic Gigli recession of the last 14 months, these ads seem even more absurd.

But I decided to take a look at one of the emails they sent me today. It involves the launch of "neck accessories." My initial smirk was somewhat mitigated by the cute picture in the email.

Oh, ok, maybe this will be an interesting way to update an old top. But unisex? I click on the link. Even Sergei the model doesn't look very happy about the $171 Mayflower doily he has around his neck.

Image from Revolve Clothing


Anonymous said...

Sometimes certain fashion statements cannot be revived. Good use of the word doily!

Anonymous said...



Ash said...

Made my morning.