Friday, April 03, 2009

In Other Legal News, Iowa Supreme Court Gives Ok to Same Sex Marriage

Yes, really. I wonder if the Prop 8 people have any money left to pour into an amendment to Iowa's constitution. How many courts and legal scholars (and bloggers!) have to weigh in before we all realize that banning same sex marriage violates the Equal Protection clause. It won't ruin your schools, it won't teach anyone to be gay (whatever that means), and it doesn't mean you have to marry someone of your own sex. It only extends the same benefit (ONLY the rights wielded by the state, no religious significance is given or required. Your religion can still discriminate if it wants to.) we all enjoy to the gay community. That's it. Come on people.


Apparently it is much more difficult to amend the Iowa Constitution than ours, and it requires going through the legislature first. Rich out-of-state social conservatives might be SOL. I might have to get a map and actually find this state.

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