Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Auditions for Anti Same-Sex Marriage Advert Reveal Just How Full of Crap They Are

Wow. Just Wow. Check out this post from Sfist about what the Human Rights Campaign has uncovered. I'll restructure the gist of it here though.

First, Watch the anti-gay ad:

and now you can click and watch the auditions for it! That doctor who was so upset about having to choose between her faith and her profession for a reason she doesn't mention because it DOESN'T FRAKING EXIST?* An actor! The New Jersey guy who says his church was punished for not supporting gay marriage?** An Actor!! In fact the whole thing is filled with specious inaccuracies!

And I love how they couch it as being about their "freedom." It takes some pretty twisted logic to conclude that one's freedom extends to the "freedom to decide with other like-minded people how other people should be treated under the law." That's not freedom at all. That's tyranny by the majority. Anyway, here is one part of the auditions.

* This has been determined to reference the Benitez decision, which held that a health care provider cannot refuse a patient treatment based on their sexual orientation. Hardly necessitating a decision between your faith and your profession.

** I think I've mentioned this case on here before, because the Mormons used it in their prop 8 blitz. But anyway, in New Jersey the state offers a tax exemption to private property owners who open up their land for the use of the public, provided they follow all state laws. The unincorporated community of Ocean Grove that is very religious took advantage of the program, but then refused to allow a same sex couple to have their civil union ceremony on the grounds, which runs afoul of the state anti-discrimination policy. So the state is contemplating revoking their ability to claim a tax exemption. That is hardly being fined for not supporting same sex marriage. New Jersey doesn't even have same sex marriage.


tangobaby said...

As much as I think this is absolutely pathetic and disgusting, I'm sad to find myself not surprised at all.

Another reason to kick the TVs of American to the corner. Television has not and will never be a source of relevant and factual information for people as long as it's a tool of advertisers, special interests, etc.

ps. Like the header.

the default attorney said...

You're right Julie. The irony is that if they did interviews with the actual people who did feel this way and let them speak their mind, the whole thing would come across as loony, unprofessional, and have no credibility with the viewers.

So instead they have professional actors spew off frightening lies and half-truths, which is much more effective.

P.S. Thanks :)

The Archduchess said...

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by National Organization for Marriage."

Why am I not surprised?

I am appalled at the hypocrisy of these people. For lying, for hating, for refusing to let the truth about their backhanded ways out.