Monday, March 02, 2009

We're All F*cked But at Least It Won't Be on the Internet Anymore

Not to be the boy who cried wolf or chicken little, but if you don't find this scary enough, maybe this will cause you to panic. I mean, if internet porn can't make it in today's economic climate, I don't like the chances for the rest of us.

*I just went to NYC a few weeks ago and finally saw Avenue Q. Hilarious.


tangobaby said...

I think I'd rather see Avenue Q than internet porn, but it sounds like porn is crucial for our economic recovery so now I'm really worried.

the default attorney said...

A few years ago a taxi cab driver told me what went on in the old armory on Mission St. nowadays. I had always wondered.

I just remember it being oft repeated that the only internet business that consistently made money was the porn industry.

But, I hear alcohol and recreational drug use is up, so I guess maybe the overall ratio of sin:moral behavior will even out.

tangobaby said...

Oh, that's good. We wouldn't want us to get TOO unbalanced.

BTW, the Armory is a great place to watch some talented skateboarders do their tricks and fly up over the building's steps. I haven't seen any porn goings-on outside, just the skate kids.