Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Freestyle

I am saddened that I had not seen this before. If you want to stop laughing, check out the violence at the end and the racist youtube comments that follow the link.

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teasinglydiverse said...

Here's my reply to your questions in your comment! I answered on my blog, but then thought you might not see them there :)

-Western toilets aren’t the norm…oftentimes it was just a hole in the floor or maybe a toilet, but no seat. If memory serves (it’s been a long time!), the bathrooms in the airport were holes in the floor…

-My undergrad offered a short term study abroad every other year led by one of the Sociology profs. A good friend had gone in 2004 and she just couldn’t stop talking about it. She basically told me I HAD to go…so I did!

-Before this trip I had never left the country, even to go to Mexico or Canada (and I’m from the West Coast!). I never thought the Middle East would be my first foray into the world, but I think for me, like for a lot of people, my interest in the region peaked after 9/11. A big focus of this trip was interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims and that spoke to me a lot. I think we have a lot more similarities than differences and it bothered me to see Christians being so hateful to Muslims following 9/11 and vice versa.