Thursday, December 04, 2008

Vitamins Are Bad For You and Cancer Just "Goes Away"

The New York Times has had a few health related articles over the past few weeks that made me want to throw up my arms and exclaim, "Well fuck it all then."

The first was an article entitled "News Keeps Getting Worse for Vitamins." As you can probably imagine, the article basically says that studies have shown that vitamins don't really do squat for you. This quote was the real brick to the head for me:

And recently, doctors at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York warned that vitamin C seems to protect not just healthy cells but cancer cells, too.
I take a multi vitamin everyday as well as quite a few other supplements (Omega 3 oils, grape see extract, etc.). I don't take the daily recommended dose of my multivitamin (6 pills a day, for fuck sake) because I just don't think I really need 3,000% of my RDA of vitamin B6. I mean, not only is it a waste of money because you probably just pee it out anyway, but I have to imagine that's got to be rough on your body to digest that. Your body is not made to ingest 3,000% of a vitamin. There is no food source in nature that I know of that would have that much vitamin B6. It's not like there's a "B6 bird" out there somewhere that humans have been killing and eating for millennia.

But still. Vitamin C has been billed to be this great killer of cancer-causing free radicals. And now it turns out it could actually protect cancerous cells? Well fuck it all then.

Better yet, this NYT article suggests that some cancers will just "go away."

I give up.


kim said...

Jesus. Thanks for this post!

Sometimes I think that medicine is less a science and more like, you know, random guessing and magic. I found this to be especially funny since my doctor last week told me to start taking a lady multi-vitamin.

*sigh* I'm pretty sure I got cancer from just typing this. ;)

the default attorney said...

You know, my doctor said the same thing. Although you might get a special benefit from the iron they put in the women's multi.

I think science is an art, and it continues to evolve. I had a doctor friend tell me that whether you eat organic or non-organic, you're equally screwed. He said that the if the pesticides don't kill you in normal produce, the micro-organisms, bacteria, and other bugs that are on "organic" produce have also been shown to have links with cancer.

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