Thursday, December 18, 2008

Like a Blogrolling Stone

Dear Blogrolling,

You were my first. And up until recently, my only, roll. You were there when I wanted to reciprocate when people linked to me. You were there when I wanted to post links that I like and that I thought other people might like.

That seems so long ago now. I just don't feel like I know you anymore.

I mean, communication was never our big thing, but you never talk to me anymore.

I had made some new friends on teh internets. But you wouldn't let me link to them. Did you feel threatened? Insecure? And I couldn't get myself out of old dysfunctional relationships or broken links.

I guess what I'm saying, is...this just isn't going to work out. I've found someone new.

See, blogger came out with a blog list. And it works just great. It gives me the space I need, and updates me when important things are going on. You were never there for me.

I know I wasn't much, but you couldn't even seem to handle what we had. I wish you luck on your future endeavors. I really do. And I hope you find someone with more patience than I.

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