Friday, September 19, 2008

Mad Hombres

I have gotten hooked on the show "Mad Men." Really well written, and whoever is in charge of making everything (even the misogyny) look authentic to the early sixties, well, they deserve a night out with the boys.

Sometimes, I like to think that maybe I could write copy. You know, come up with some riveting catch phrase that would compel you to buy Tupperware. Well, maybe not. But it's fun to think about.

But today, I saw this, and I have to say, unless something is lost in translation, I really don't get this slogan.
This is on the side of a truck purportedly delivering pinto beans. And not just any beans, but the "mas limpio," which, unless I'm missing some other meaning, means "cleaner." This company wants to assure you that when you buy these pinto beans, they are cleaner than other pinto beans.

Is this genius or are these guys just not trying very hard? I guess it suggests that everyone else's pinto beans are dirty...and I guess they would have a hard time trying to convince people that their pinto beans really taste much different than any other pinto beans....hmmm. How about this one guys.

El Frijol: no lo mata.

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