Friday, June 06, 2008

Absolut(ely) Awesome Part II: Absolut(ely) Fabulous

Well, it looks like Absolut is going after bigotry one SoCo drinker at a time. You might remember their last ad depicting the western united states as being part of Mexico, as not having received a warm "bienvenido" amongst the self-appointed GETERDONE minutemen legal immigration advocates.

Now, to commemorate the rainbow flag's 30 year history (as being a symbol of LGBT pride), Absolut is issuing the limited edition "Absolut Rainbow."

Image from Selectism.

I think it's just the bottle and not some crazy combo of all the different flavors (hopefully). The July 1 release date will be a little late for our local pride parade, but I'm sure demand will be nevertheless be high in the bay area.

I gotta tell you, I think I might start specifically asking for absolut just because of their ad campaigns.

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