Monday, January 07, 2008

Nasty Spell of Wheather

Mother nature decided to send a vicious "welcome to 2008" gift to the bay area in the form of a series of fierce storms packing hurricane-esque winds. Ferry service around the bay was canceled for much of the day on Friday, and our bus and train (MUNI) service came to a grinding halt. As much as we bitch about the weather up here, we're not used to this. Here's a crazy before/after picture of a poor unsuspecting tree from

A tree in front of my apartment building was substantially pruned by the storm, with several large branches falling onto the cars parked on the street below. Only one car was damaged, which is pretty amazing considering the size of the limbs that fell. For once, I'm glad that my parking spot was inconveniently parked away from my apartment and the trees.

The tree branches tumbled on friday night, but are still occupying the parking spaces because the city has yet to come haul them away. Though my property manager was trying to cut them into pieces with a hand saw, a pretty ambitious venture considering that some of the limbs were about a foot thick.

With the streets are still littered with limbs, not to mentions some xmas trees still lying around, it looks like the city got napalmed.

Luckily for me, all I got was some wet feet and shoddy cable tv during the storm. About 14,000 bay area residents and business, though, are without power.

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Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

sounds terrible.
am applying to jobs in the area and it just hit me that it would be hilarious if I applied to yours without either of us knowing it...

the default attorney said...

That would be funny. I doubt it though. I had never heard of my firm until an ex-coworker emailed me that they were looking for people.

I don't know if I would really recommend working here....