Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SCOTUS Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion 5-4

Oh Sandy, we miss you. I'm in shock over this (article). Why do our federal lawmakers spend so much time on this? From my understanding this procedure is fairly rare and only used in extreme cases as it is. While grotesque, I don't think obstetricians use this procedure because they get some sort of sense of satisfaction out of it. You know, adults are being slaughtered in Iraq right now, assholes. Why are you so intent on telling doctors how to do their jobs?

This sends the message that stare decisis means nothing and that if you tweak the law a bit and shuffle the Court, any constitutional right is really up for grabs. I can't find the actual opinion yet, but I intend on reading it.

Never mind: Here it is.


Anonymous said...

If you believe it's murder, then partial-birth abortion slaughters as many or more people than the "War" in Iraq. I was born 3 months premature and almost didn't make it. Because I was wanted, doctors struggled for months to save me; if I hadn't been wanted, they would have let me die from my non-beating heart.

Considering the entire pro-abortion law was originally passed illegally and unconstitutionally, imposing a minority belief on the majority, the executive branch may be trying to recover some of its stolen power. Only one state, New York, had pro-abortion laws at the time of Roe vs. Wade, and that would've been repealed had the governor not veto'd. Also, the judiciary is to interpret laws, not make policy, which is the executive branch's job. With Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court did Congress's job.

I'm not saying that the "War" in Iraq should be ignored. But you really don't need to cuss to make your point. Dictionaries are useful.

the default attorney said...

The Alan Guttmacher Institute, a New York-based reproductive health research group, estimates that of the 1.3 million abortions performed in 2000, 2,200 were D&X abortions. That means about 0.001%.

So far, the death toll in Iraq for just U.S. soldiers is 3,311. See

For Iraqis themselves,as of last year it was between 33,000-37,000. But I don't know, maybe you don't consider them people.

There is no "pro-abortion" law anon. The SCOTUS previously decided that states could not pass certain anti-abortion laws because they violated a woman's right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment. The anti-abortion laws themselves were unconstitutional.

Would you consider the SCOTUS decisions that struck down segregation laws impermissible "policy making?"

Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to read this opinion.

Strange Bird said...

I have a hard time thinking of fetuses as people who are capable of being "slaughtered." But that's just me. I get angry when I hear that the state seems to think they have any right at all to pass legislation or even hear cases on this issue. Pardon my French, but, not their fucking business.

As I get older, I feel more strongly that abortion in most cases is morally reprehensible. I also feel more strongly that morality and legality are not the same thing.