Friday, February 02, 2007

In other local news, Mayor Newsom Got Some

(from SFgate)Looks like our mayor pulled a" pseudo-Clinton" or a "full-Berlusconi," or what ex-French President François Mitterrand called "Tuesday"

But he was going through a nasty divorce, so I can understand why he might not have a real healthy attitude toward marriage, or respect it as an institution. His ex-wife remarried in early 2006 and was expecting a child...that had to be tough. I mean, look at what he did to his hair a while ago.

Things were definitely not going well. For those of you who might say, "Wait, I like his hair better that way, it looks like yours when you were in high school, Default Attorney!," I agree with you, but such a drastic change was a sign that something was not right. Either he couldn't bear to go out in public to buy his drum of hair gel, which suggests depression, or he wanted a big change, to be a New Newsom, to distance himself from the...uh...old Newsom. Either way, it is Gavin's hair gel that holds this city together, and its absence was the cause for some concern around here.

Gavin, if you read this, I support you. I didn't not vote for you because I thought you were a saint. You've done a good job in office, other than the whole public transportation mess we have, and I will not hold this affair(e) against you. I don't condone it, but we all make mistakes. I were single...she was pretty and probably high out of her mind.

Good luck Mr. Mayor.

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First Year said...

Aww you're so understanding :)