Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot and Bothered

Maybe it's because I just read the Economist's report "Troubled Waters" on how we've screwed up the world's oceans, but I am having a really hard time enjoying California's current heat wave. Seventy-four degrees in SF in January? That's warmer than it is here in the Summer on most days.

A lack of water not only screws up skiing in Tahoe, but it also does not bode well for wildfires. Especially considering that Schwarzenegger's proposed budget rests on the assumption that the state will spend half of what it did last year on fighting fires. If this keeps up, this won't be a likely scenario at all.

Image: (Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle)


whichever.whatever said...

I agree. I can't really enjoy the weather in LA either (an unreasonable 84 degrees in January).

the default attorney said...

It's 84?!?! Holy crap!