Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photos of Thailand

So here, finally, are some photos we took on our recent trip to Thailand. It is an amazing country filled with friendly people and some awe-inspiring Buddhist temples. Below you will find some pictures of some Wats in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, a trek we went on in Chiang Mai, and a butterfly garden. Enjoy!


Nomadas-Tribe said...


Wonderful pics and amazing country !
Hope to visit some day soon.

About Paris, it was my 5th time in the city, but I went alone, so diferent, I spent 3 days in Montmartre, visiting galleries and "ateliers" of some painters, bohemian life :).
So ... what about your impressions of Thailand ??
Huges and kisses boy!*

Mademoiselle De Rigueur said...

ohh wow.

seething in jealousy! how beautiful