Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Incredibly Likely, I Can't Believe It Actually Happened! Part II

Another Reason to Dislike Leland Stanfurd Junior University. Donald Rumsfeld, America's former defence secretary, has been granted a prestigious one-year fellowship at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, a conservative think-tank. Mr Rumsfeld will join a task force on terrorism and ideology, along with George Schultz, the secretary of state under Ronald Reagan and a current Hoover Fellow.

To the credit of the students and other faculty, a good number have signed a petition opposing the appointment, largely because of Mr Rumsfeld's role in the invasion of Iraq. Honestly, if you wanted someone on a committee on "terrorism and ideology," wouldn't you want somebody who hadn't supremely fucked up?


Melissa said...

I love a good reason to hate Stanford. I grew up in the East Bay and went to a high school with 5,000 people. Stanford has [had] a policy of not admitting more than one student per year from that school. Their reasoning? Too much grade inflation. They never did explain how that was different from other high schools they didn't have a problem with. We had students get into Harvard and MIT, but be rejected by Stanford.

And Don Rumsfield has the IQ of a small insect. I feel bad for anyone who paid money to learn from him.

the default attorney said...

Yeah, because Stanfurd doesn't have grade inflation itself. The average GPA there is like 3.5. Is it because everyone is that smart or because they don't want anyone who is spending that much $$ to flunk out?