Friday, December 29, 2006


EU hails Bulgaria, Romania's entry into EU family

Wow, now the EU will be 27. I remember back in the day when it was 15. I remember sitting at a meeting of a certain EU committee, and I was just in awe at how everything was translated live into all of the EU languages (12...I think). I couldn't imagine how the live translation of a Finnish speech into Greek could ever be accurate at all, considering you have to go through at least two translators and an intermediary language. Back in 2001, when I was there,I think about 20% of the budget was spent on translating everything into all of the languages. Lord knows how that works now.

Good luck Romania and Bulgaria. Some existing members are expecting a huge influx of migrant workers and nannies from these ex-soviet bloc countries. I think Romanians will have an easier time, considering their language is Latin-based. If nothing else, their entry into the EU might slow down the pervasive sex trade that is run through these countries.

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