Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Arcade Fire Posts up in Berkeley

Photo swiped from douglemoin's flicker page available here

The gf was in town last week (thus the lack of copious posts), and we went and saw the Arcade Fire play at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on June 2. Incredible show, and the Greek Theatre (huge stage) was a great venue for a band with so many members. The percussionists at one point were climbing the scaffolding and banging on the metal with their drum sticks. I don't know how they manage to maintain such energy for the whole show. We were actually a little closer than the guy who took the photo. I'm always scared to bring cameras to concerts, cuz I don't want to get it confiscated.

So at one point, Win Butler (singer), tells us this story. He said he had come the closest he ever had to being arrested earlier that day in Berkeley. Butler said he went to the Berkeley gym (the "RSF," to the initiated) to shoot some hoops. He didn't want to play a game, but just shoot by himself. He said guys came and wanted to kick him off of the half-court. He refused to leave. The confrontation escalated, and eventually campus security and I believe the police came. He said he had paid good money to just shoot some hoops. Eventually he left, but he was obviously still angry about it. I mean he brought it up in front of several thousand people a couple of hours later.

I thought you guys played hockey?

I would NEVER have foreseen this, but apparently several people have started blogs on the event. One guy, says he was in the group of guys who wanted the court, and accused Butler of stealing his basket ball. It has since been deleted, but several others (mock?) have sprouted up. Man, the internet is weird. Here's a link that still works.

Anyway, the show was great, and no offense to Win Butler, but I have such a crush on your wife. Elle est tellment douée!! See you guys next time you come through town!


Anonymous said...

"I thought you guys played hockey?"

Wow, way to look like an idiot. Dur, Canadians, hockey, dur. How did you get through law school, loser?

the default attorney said...

Holy crap! That is the meanest thing anyone has ever said on here, congrats!

It was a joke dude, so hockey puck you!

Strange Bird said...


As I always say, you know you've made it when you have a mean anonymous commenter. Not until then.